Today, we met with a very exciting new client. Their business model is inspiring, and honestly, they struck such a strong chord with me that I was actually in tears listening to them speak about what they do.

There will be many obstacles that they will have to overcome, but at the core, they’re a very solid business indeed.

So, we get to the part where I ask, “Can I see your website?”



For real. That text. In giant red letters.

I was distraught. What an incredible disconnect between who they really are and what that website looks like right now.

And then it hit me!

Think about it for a second. Normally, when someone comes to your website, it is the first time that they are there.

Do they care where you were before?

Why are they visiting your site? What do they NEED to know?

No really. What do they need to know right this second?

What are you going to do to help them solve the problem that has been keeping them up at night, and what is unique about your offer?

So many questions, I know. Here is the point, plain and simple – your website needs to answer all of these instantly. It’s a big task, but with the right tools, you can accomplish it. Here are some our top tips for creating a home page that is welcoming, informative, and exactly what your audience didn’t know they needed.

  • Look at your website through a fresh set of eyes. If you just landed on this planet and didn’t know anything, would your home page explain what you have to offer?
  • Your audience doesn’t have a ton of time. I don’t know why, but everyone is busy and in a rush. What is your message? QUICK!
  • Don’t talk too much about you. Tell your audience exactly what you can do for them! Think of the old “who, what, why, when and HOW”.
  • Make sure you are speaking to a certain person and not too wide of an audience. (We call them your Betty around here.)
  • Earn that person’s trust. Give them your magic. Evoke emotion. Create an experience.
  • And when in doubt, use one of my all time faves – “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.

Go, take a look at your website, or even your Facebook posts and think about it for a moment. Who are you speaking to? Most likely they don’t get it the way that you do – so don’t skip the points that you may think are so obvious.

Do they really understand what is so special about what you are offering – or are you assuming that they do?

Inspired by my meeting today, our team has come up with a super simple, step-by-step guide (say that ten times!) that you can use as a guideline to freshen up your home page and about us section of your website.

Are you ready to take a step back, review and then create some kick ass content for your website?

Good, let’s do this.