Most entrepreneurs and small business owners dread writing their own bios or filling in their about me sections on social media. Including interesting facts along with your professional history, to let your personality shine through is extremely important to give your readers a glance at your true self. Use these ten ideas to get started at writing a killer about me section and attract valuable individuals to your network.

  1. Your Childhood

Include a tid-bit about how your childhood influenced where you ended up career wise today. Maybe you were a farm kid used to working long hours with a lot of physical labour. Or maybe you were a book worm who preferred reading over sports and that sprouted into a love of writing or research. No matter what your childhood entailed, including a fact about your younger years gives your readers a personal look at your life and makes you trustworthy and legit online. Be sure to include your career aspirations from childhood and how they shaped up in adulthood.

  1. Talents

Do you have a unique talent that makes you stand out from the crowd? Maybe you’re a corporate professional who is also an artist or musician or maybe you hold an office job during the day but are a writer by night. Whatever your interesting talent is be sure to share it with the world. Your talents make you unique from the rest of the crowd, plus you never know whose eye it will catch.

  1. Accomplishments

Everyone has achieved something in their life, whether professional or personal and it’s ok to brag a little in your about me section. If you won an award in your community or office, be sure to take credit in a fun way in your about me section. Your network wants to hear about your accomplishments and will be as excited for you as you are!

  1. Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, its just part of life but if you want to stand out from the crowd, own up to your mistakes right on social media. Share a mistake you made, what you learned, and how you changed your way of doing things to avoid future issues. Sharing this information with your network, can help others and giving back is always a good thing.

  1. Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list? Maybe you want to travel the world, retire early or start a family. Whatever is on your bucket list, now is a great time to share it. You never know who has similar interests and could make an excellent member of your network.

With the hundreds of thousands of individuals on social media, get started today on standing out from the crowd with these 5 tips!