Facebook is one of the largest social media networks with billions of users logging on every day and is one of the most common forms of advertising for small businesses.  Learning to create an excellent ads strategy to grab the attention of your ideal customer is something you need to master now more than ever.

Here are some tips for getting the best ROI with your Facebook ads.

Always test multiple graphics and ad copy.

Never assume anything will work. Regardless of your level of experience with Facebook ads, a split test is always a good idea. The magic number for designs is 4, so when you sit down to do your next round of Facebook ads try using 2 graphics with 2 sets of ad copy and weigh the results against one another. It’s important to look at all the variables including impressions, cost per click, etc. to determine your best ad set.

Appeal to Your Customers

Do you know what the most significant emotion involved in purchasing is? Fear. People resist buying products or paying for services because they are scared to lose their money and make a poor decision. Utilize testimonials from a trusted source (think celeb, VIP, CEO, etc.) to give your business credibility and gain your potential customers trust. If you don’t have a testimony from someone in an upper management position, consider using your current customer base to gain leverage. Think “Over 100,000 users prefer our system!” or “Over 100,000 people have achieved their results using our products!”.

Use Call to Actions

Call-to-Actions should always be used in your ads. They have been proven to improve conversion rates and decrease the cost per conversion. Call to actions takes the guesswork out for potential customers putting exactly what they need to do in front of them.

Use Facebook Live

We cannot stress the use of Facebook’s live feature enough when it comes to ads. As a business owner, it’s important to understand that video is one the best-converting type of post online. Facebook live is a free feature available to your business so make the most of it! Turning your Facebook lives into ads directed at your target audience will give you the chance to show the world the face behind your business with the best possible outcome. No one wants to buy from a business that doesn’t have personality.

Be Reliable and Consistent

Monitor your ad spend costs and ensure there are never delays with your account because of missed payments to Facebook. Doing so increases the cost of your ads, and ensures Facebook will put less priority on showing your ads vs. your competitors.

For busy business owners, Facebook ads can be a huge undertaking. If you’re not ready to take it on yourself, Think Big Studios has a team of experts ready to assist you in driving traffic and reaching your goals online. Learn more about our Facebook advertising packages by contacting us today.