Instagram is an untapped resource for many businesses. There are a ton of reasons you should be using Instagram that go far beyond it being the trendy social network in the bunch. If you’re not currently using it to power your brand and let your personality shine through you should be. Here’s why.


People spend hours on Instagram in a day. With a smartphone in almost everyone’s hand, and Instagram’s use primarily being mobile, you can grow your following, post, and connect with potential customers worldwide 24-7 from anywhere in the world. Instagram is also convenient for users saving them time by enabling posting, and growth as you go about your day.


Business success is directly related to conversion rates of sales. So, when building your business, you need to choose the best of the best right? Well, that’s Instagram. With the visual component of Instagram we see customers closing more sales and providing services to more people than any other social media site. Visual aids encourage users to click through and shop and allows your products or services to speak for themselves.

Visual Content

Visual content dominates social media now more than ever. Do you regularly scroll past posts on your feeds but stop on a photo or video? If you do, that’s a prime example of visual content working its magic. It’s enjoyable to watch a quick video or peek at a bright, eye-catching photo vs. reading a long-winded article that takes more than a few seconds. Life is fast paced and busy and visual content is the perfect way to get your message across efficiently.

Use User-Generated Content

Specifically, for product based businesses, user-generated content can be a key to success. When developing your brand on Instagram, create a company specific hashtag you use on each of your posts. Encourage your customers regularly to post photos of themselves using your products, using your hashtag and tagging your username. User-generated content is essential to becoming an Instagram influencer and standing out in your industry.

Make it Personal

Instagram is a perfect place to give your brand some personality. Show your creativity by utilizing the free filters, and the stories feature. No consumer wants to buy from a company that seems like a robot behind a computer. Give sneak peeks of coming products, share photos from your after-work activities, or behind the scenes shots of your business ventures. Instagram is a super low-key network so tap into it!

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