For most business owners LinkedIn is an untapped resource and remains one of the most beneficial resources for business owners. If you’re not using LinkedIn to grow your business you should be! As the LinkedIn guru of the Think Big Studios team, here are my top 5 tips to be successful on LinkedIn.

  1. No half-assed profiles

Did you know when people search for you on google, your LinkedIn profile is one of the top results they will see. Great SEO hey? Having a half-assed profile or nothing except your name is a sure way to disappoint your potential customers or partners. Be sure to fill in each section and let your personality shine to draw readers in and encourage them to connect with you.


  1. Connect with everyone

There are millions of members on LinkedIn that you would never reach without its use. Search for profiles with specific characteristics including title, location, and industry to find your ideal connection. Then connect with everyone that meets your parameters. Limiting yourself to connecting only with those you know or in your direct network limits your potential for a larger customer base.


  1. Personalize your message

When connecting on LinkedIn, you will be given the option to include a message with your connection requests. ALWAYS choose to add your own message. Read over the user’s profile and include something that interests you or caught your eye so they know you took the time to read it. Personalizing your message will increase your acceptance rate substantially leading to a larger connection list for you.


  1. Dish out the endorsements.

Endorsements are a powerful part of your LinkedIn profile. Be sure to dish them out to those in your network to receive some. Thanking others for endorsing you and providing them the same support are simple ways to let them know you appreciate their efforts.


  1. Join groups.

There are a ton of groups at your disposal. Seek out some LinkedIn groups specific to your industry, general business groups or specific niche groups. Adding valuable content regularly will increase your authority as an expert in your industry. Consider creating your own group and adding valuable content there specific to your business.

If you’re not quite ready to jump into LinkedIn alone, we’ve got a solution for you! Contact Think Big Studios today for more information about our social media marketing options to grow your business!