A webinar is an online presentation, used by entrepreneurs around the world to deliver value, train and create a connection with potential customers. Think of it as being a really amazing door to door salesman, except instead of barging in on one customer and hoping for a sale, you’re presenting to a crowd of sometimes over 500 people who have all asked to be there.
Imagine what kind of impact you could make with that audience.

Here are 7 things that make webinars so successful.

1. Speak only to people who want more information.

Imagine this. You have an audience of hundreds of potential customers, eager to learn, eager to hear what you have to say and interested in exactly what you’re talking about. And you’re doing it all from your living room. Pants optional.

Webinars give you the opportunity to get your product and service in front people who are truly interested in what you have to say. There’s a formula for success, but the jist of it is that webinars give you the power to only speak to those who are interested, bypassing everyone who would just be wasting your time.

2. Use Webinars for Training

The key to a great webinar and the way to get the most sales, is to not sell. Well I don’t mean not at all, but your focus needs to be on educating, training and connecting with your customers. Let them know how great your product is, show them how it is going to change their lives, and how all their problems will be solved with your widget, or widget service, then ask them to sign up, or ask them to buy.

Just like all other content marketing, your goal is to demonstrate that you’re a kick ass person that they can trust. That you know what you’re talking about. And that if they go with you for your product or service, they won’t be disappointed.

3. Make a connection

Webinars are about showing your personal side. Letting your customers know that you’re human and that you’re not only after their money and that you truly want to help. In order to better sell in the digital age, we need to learn to create connections, build relationships and earn the trust of our customers. You can’t do that by forcing a sale. When you start your webinar, let them know there’s a sell coming up at the end, but before we get to that, we’re going to provide an incredible amount of education value, so even if they don’t buy they leave better smarter, more confident, and motivated to take the next step. Which is usually buying what you’re selling.

4. Answer Questions

Again, webinars are an amazing opportunity to show your expertise. Let your attendees ask questions during the dedicated question period. All questions are welcome and no questions are dumb questions. No where else are you going to have the opportunity to connect with so many people asking questions or even just listening to the answers.

5. Sell

Unless you’re doing a strictly educational webinar, (these tend to be for clients who are already paying). You’re going to want to pitch something at the end. It doesn’t always need to be a hard sell, it can ask them to simply take action like signing up for your email list, or a free download you have on your site, or come into the store for a free consult. Typically you’ll want to ask them to commit to something at the end of your presentation. This is where if you have something you want to sell, you bring it up. It’s also a great place to throw in a deal, which leads me to my next point.

6. Offer a special deal.

Offer a special deal for those who have attended your event. Make them feel special. Let them know that if they purchase now, or come into your store and mention your webinar, that you’ll make it worth their while. It’s a great way to increase sales, and gives motivation to those you’ve just WOWed with your experience, command of the English language and charm.

7. Set a Time Limit.

When offering a deal or a promotion at the end of your webinar, make sure to add in a bit of urgency to your super special awesome amazing attendee deal. For Example: If you come into Jason’s widget emporium in before this Friday, you’ll get 25% off any purchase of a widget over $200, and I’ll throw in a really cool bonus that you’re going to love. However to get the deal and the bonus you’ll need to come down to the store.

Urgency has proven it’s ability to convert sales. If you leave your deal open ended or (evergreen) as they say, your sales may be more spread out as you’re not capitalizing on the hype you’ve created or the feeling your customer’s have now that they’re so inspired.

To wrap up. Webinars have come a long way in the last few years. Make them a part of your overall marketing strategy and by providing extreme value, your customers will respect your experience and be more driven to connect with and buy from you.