Do You Know the number one way to get customers in this new era of online marketing?


That’s it. You need to build relationships with your customers online. I’m not talking about intimate relationship, I’m talking about making a connection with your customer and treating them like you would your best friends.

And how do you build relationships online I’m sure you’re asking.

By giving them value for free, showing them there’s a human behind that logo and that you care about providing them with the best options for their life and business.

When you’re building relationships, you’re not just selling. We live in a time where we’re bombarded with thousands of ads per day, thousands of sales pitches and thousands of marketing ploys. We’ve trained ourselves to block out ads. We’ve evolved to be ad immune.

Did you know that in a study at some big university in the US ( I clearly don’t remember the name ), they found that teenager and young adults have actually developed the ability to block out the right hand side of a website. Even if there is good content on there, they’re so used to seeing ads there, they now naturally tune that side of the page out.

Shows how much we dislike to see when we’re browsing the net.

So What’s next, Simple Provide Value, Education, Entertainment, then when you have built a relationship with your customer, then sell to warm prospects. We want everyone to remember our names when they’re ready to buy our products and services.

Here’s a great video we created for our youtube channel, that explains a little more.