We all have things about us that we’re not happy with. Things that we know we should work on. Whether it’s going to the gym, writing blogs, working on our business or actually going to the doctor for that thing that’s bothering us.

But we’re entrepreneurs, we have dedicated ourselves to our businesses and to serving the people who we decided long ago that we could help better than anyone else.. The problem is that our focus is 99% on them.

Also, change is hard, business is hard, It takes a lot of time, effort and persistence. It takes 18 hour days and a lot of learning on how to drive success, drive profits and drive our motivation through the roof.

We almost always, fail to work ON our businesses, we’re busy working IN them. We don’t work on the things that make us better, the things that make us more successful, the things that make us happier. Even though you know you need to work on things like…

IE: properly learning how to market and advertise your business.

We just don’t. We put things off until they come to a boiling point, or we’re about to hit the rocks and then at the last minute we make the change. It’s human nature. We all do it. But it’s something we can change.

I was at an event not too long ago where one of the speakers talked about a rule she had that made it easier for her to make the changes in her life that she knew she had to make but which she couldn’t get off her ass and do.

She called the hot shot rule, and this is how it works.

Imagine that a super awesome, highly successful person took over your body, or an aspect of your work.

Then think about what is the first thing that they would look at and say “HOLY BATSH#T THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE NOW!!!! THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!! We’ll never reach our goals if this doesn’t change.”

Change that thing, starting now.

What is the one thing they would change immediately. The one thing about your life, your body, your work processes, your job, your family, your whatever it is that they take over, what would they change.

Then use that as motivation to change, think about that person telling you that one aspect in your life is completely unacceptable, you know what it is.

It’s not a secret to you.

I’ve started doing this and this is what I see about myself.

For work: I know we need to create more processes. In order to be successful we need to have more strategic systems in place to handle everything from client onboarding to receipt management for our accountants. This needs to be documented better.

For my family: We need to have more downtime spent with the kids not focusing on work. We need to recharge and re-energize. Your downtime is just as important as your productivity time. You need to spend it doing things you love.

For myself: It’s definitely the gym. I need to exercise, plain and simple. In 2005 I weighed around 550lbs (if you haven’t stood beside me before, know that I’m also 6 foot 8), by 2006 I was down 100lbs and by 2009 I weighed in at 390lbs which was very active weight for me, I could easily run 4k. But over the years with kids, my excuses and sitting behind a desk 12 hours per day, I’ve crept back up to 510lbs. This needs to change, this is what my hotshot would tell me is unacceptable.

What would your hotshot tell you? What are you doing in your life, that someone else, if they took over that aspect of your life would tell you is unacceptable.

Your marketing, your content, your fitness, your re-charging time, the effort you’re putting in, what is it for you?

Leave a comment, post it up and let us know what it is for you, use this as your accountability statement and make the changes you’ve been putting off.