Whether you’re helping people break through financial barriers, achieve leadership success in their business, helping them really become happy and successful, or mentoring clients in your area of expertise, you need to warm them up to a point where they know love and trust you. You want to have raving fans and you can’t do that in a meaningful timeframe by word of mouth alone.

Also the world is huuuuuuge, there are over 7 billion people you have an opportunity to help, and once you’re able to get past a local only mindset, the internet completely explodes your options when it comes to serving your customers best.

At Think Big Studios we work with a lot of coaches every day. Helping them build their brand and their profile online and we’ve put together a list of the top 7 Marketing secrets that coaches like you, need to know.

Secret Number 1 – You can’t serve everyone.

While all these secrets are important, this is probably one the biggest mistakes that we see new coaches and new business owners struggling with. We want to serve everyone, we want to help everyone so we get caught up and overwhelmed on trying to be too many things to too many people.

The answer to this, and it is completely counter intuitive to how we as humans think, but if you want to have a successful business and you want to serve the most poeple to the best of your ability, then you need to pick a niche.

You need to focus your attention on the people who you can serve the best and who you really want to work with. How this ties into your marketing is that, by trying to serve everyone, your marketing message is too vague, it’s too generalized, and you can’t create a connection with your customer because they’re never really sure if you’re speaking to their needs or if you have experience with people exactly like them.

Narrow in on the client you want to serve the best. Speak to their experiences and the areas where they need help the most and you’ll create a marketing message that resonates with their needs as a client.

You’ll see a boost in engagement, and conversions if you implement this one tip across your marketing and within your business alone.

Secret Number 2 – Create Content

I often tell our clients to think of their business as a media company where it’s your duty to create interesting and educational content for your industry. Now this sometimes gets stares of, you really expect me to make that much content?

And yes I do.

We live in the information age and the people who you’re trying to attract want value before they pick up the phone, send you an email or walk through your doors (assuming you have an office).

The content you create doesn’t need to be professionally done, what matters is what you say. Can you give them value through a video, blog or podcast, offering them small wins and small solutions putting them on the path to success before they even meet you?

Video has the amazing ability to forge relationships with the viewers. Viewers believe they know you, they build up a one sided relationship with you in their minds, making you their friend, making you someone they know, and trust for advice to their problems and frustrations.

By creating media, you quickly build relationships drawing more and more potential customers into your community of people who you can help and serve… and charge for your services.

Secret Number 3 – Keep consistent

Create a system for yourself. Set a regiment of creating articles and videos every week ( remember they don’t need to be perfect, the content is what matters).

Create an editorial calendar for yourself, I have a great one HERE that you can download. It’s how I schedule our articles, blogs and videos with my team so that we know what needs to be said and when we need to say it. The more you move into a mindset of creating content for the targeted people you want to attract, the more a system like this is valuable to you.

Here’s the download

Secret Number 4 – Don’t boost posts on facebook.

It’s true that paying for ads on facebook has become the only way businesses can get a head on that platform, but this one tip alone will probably save you hundreds of unreturned dollar bills.

Instead of boosting posts, learn how to target the traffic you need. Use facebooks ads manager and learn how create targeted ads narrowing in on your demographic.

The problem with boosting posts alone, is that they go to everyone, there’s no targeting done. They get sprayed around to people in your network all willy nilly, there’s no rhyme or reason to the madness and is a source of pure frustration for small business owners starting out in the facebook ads world.

By learning how to properly create ads and target the type of people you want to work with, you’ll save yourself some money, and actually you’ll be able to grow your lists, grow your following and get in front of new people who actually care what you have to say.

I mean I’m sure aunt mabel, and your mom are very proud of you, but they’re not going to hire you as their coach, or grow your business for you.


Secret Number 5 – You need to be collecting email addresses

While writing this at almost every point, I have thought to myself, if you just did this one thing alone, you’d see a massive improvement in success, and this one is no different.

Start collecting email addresses and start emailing valuable content on a regular basis. Have a give away such as an ebook, audio download, a cheat sheet or video that shares some insight or knowledge into the problems and frustrations your clients are experiencing and exchange that for their email address.

You can use systems like mailchimp or aweber to set up a system where you can collect an email address and give a download as a thank you.

The power is in the list, and if you’re not growing your following by collecting and utilizing the power of email then you need to start. This is one of the greatest tools you can easily put into action.

Secret Number 6 – Your website is not about you.

While you may have an about page on your website, the majority of content on your website needs to be about your target customer’s problems, pains, fears and frustrations.

This is another huge mistake that most business owners and marketers make. They create content that talks about how great they are, their experience, how they help customers, the schooling they have, the programs they created and why they do it all.

They rarely to never talk about their customers frustrations, pains and fears. They never ask themselves, “If I was my customer, what would I like to see when I came to my website?” If I had this problem, what would I need to see in order to draw me in and to purchase this coaching package.

What are they going through that they are looking for a solution to. Your website needs to be about this. You need to demonstrate that you understand everything they’re going through, and offer them some advice, through your copy, blogs and videos so they know that you know what they’re going through and that you have the perfect solution to help them on their journey.

Secret Number 7 – Your website is the foundation of your online marketing.

Sometimes when we talk to new coaches and new businesses, we find they have overlooked this crucial step in building their brand online. With all the new techniques and strategies coming out claiming to help you grow your business, you can’t beat having a properly branded and content rich website.

If you want to build a successful coaching business online, you need to have a website with a blog, with compelling and engaging content focused on your customer and you need to be able to collect email addresses with things such as give aways.

While you may have additional marketing technologies, such as email subscriptions, autoresponders, marketing funnels and social media in your arsenal, they all need to lead back to or come from your website.

Your website forms the foundation of your online marketing strategy, or at least it does for us when we’re building and managing our clients marketing campaigns. If you’re a new coach, or even if you’ve been in business for a while but don’t have a website, and you want to expand your reach as a coach, your website can be the biggest tool in your marketing chest.


Even by implementing only a few of these suggestions into your marketing strategy you’ll see a boost in conversions, in customers and engagement. These techniques form the basis of the marketing strategies that we put in place, helping our customers increase revenues, productivity and customers in their coaching businesses.

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