Marketing Packages Exclusively For Oxygen Studios

Lead Generation & Organic Social Media To Boost Your Studios Engagement, Impact, and Sales.


We have 3 package below based on your needs.

Please select from…

Grand Opening Karma Week Package


Organic Facebook & Instagram Packages


Get more leads, more $10 trials, sell more memberships and boost your studio’s energy by driving high quality leads through your doors
with social media. 

This introductory package will completely change the way you bring customers into your studio. Combined with our weekly training we’re confident you’ll see a transformation in how your studio converts tire kickers into long term clients.

Studio Grand Opening Package

Our goal for your first 2 months of your Grand Opening is to have you love what we can do for your studio. We want you to kill it. We want to create excitement and engagement for your studio on social media (in your community), Fill your Karma Week schedules, and help you sell as many $249, and $229 & $89 Karma For Life specials as possible. We want you to knock it out of the park! And we will.

Your opening month is broken up into 3 phases: Pre-Launch, Karma Week, and the rest of your Karma Month. In the Studio Launch Package, we work with you, introducing you to the Karma Launch system where we create interest and engagement for the month before your launch, filling up your Karma Week Schedule and selling Early Bird $65 Unlimited Months. During Karma Week we switch things up, targeting and re-targeting customers to sell $249 specials. Post Karma Week our goal is to re-engage with customers offering a downsell of $229 for 3 months of unlimited classes, $10 Trials, Punch Passes and Yearly Memberships…

The Game is On!

2 Month Intorductory Karma Week Package – $2500 + Ad Spend

One Time Setup Fee – $997

AdSpend – Budget $4000 – While our goal is always to get your adspend & conversions as cheap as possible you should budget $4000 for your first 3 months. As the popularity of Social Media Advertising continues to rise, the cost of buying ads on these platforms also increases. This is money paid directly to the ad platforms and not Think Big.

Monthly Ads Management Packages

The Results are in! Just like anything in life, businesses who are consistent with their marketing efforts reap the biggest rewards. We’ve seen it over and over again with the studios we work with. When we work together to create consistent/ongoing campaigns to generate awareness and engagement, it’s cheaper, more effective and more profitable to run any corporate promotion that comes along.

That’s why in 2018 its imperative to run base campaigns (such as FB lives of testimonials, classes, community engagement, $10 trial ads, and promoting other workshops) to keep engagement and interest peaked.

Think of it this way, when a car is already in idle, you can put your foot on the gas when it is time for a promotion, it’s how you get the biggest returns.

** A one time studio set up fee of $997 will be required for all new studios.

Monthly Organic Social Media

Management Packages

Whether you’re looking for “First Impressions” or something with great engagement we have two packages to suit your studios needs. 

First impressions matter when you’re promoting your studio on social media. Your customers are checking you out… Constatnly and they want to get an idea of your culture, energy and classes. This package will give you a rock solid platform that your members are going to find, post on, and engage with. A Social Media Foundation, that will support the rest of your marketing.

Premium Organic is a completely new (Advanced) strategy for 2018. Facebook (who also owns instagram) has made it clear, you need to pay to play. Business pages are not going to see reach unless their content is extremely engaging or if you’re paying for ads. To counteract this move we’ve designed a strategy that capitalizes on groups, messenger bots and highly engaging content that your members will notice and engage with.

** A one time studio set up fee of $997 will be required for all new studios.

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We’re Not Your Typical Marketing Agency 😉

We’re excited to be partnering with Oxygen yoga in order to bring your franchise more customers and more sales. Over the last 6 months we’ve been working hard with a few different franchise locations, so we can set a standard for Karma Week and with ongoing marketing activities. 

As you may have heard through the grapevine, we’ve seen great results with our system and have been told that we’ve “Totally knocked it out of the park” seeing some of the biggest launches to date. 

While we have a few different packages to offer, we’re starting out with our own “Karma Week” of sorts and offering your location easy access to our system.

Whether you’re preparing for Karma Week, or you’re already up and running we’d love to talk to you and see how we can get more customers through your doors. 

If you want to know more about how we will help you and how other studios are benefitting, schedule a FREE strategy session for you and your business. We’re here to help you grow your business and make the most out of your marketing.


Exclusive Membership Offer!

Next Group Call:

Thursday May 25th @ 2pm PST

How to use the membership site & how to get the most out of this program. 

An Exclusive Membership Offer for Oxygen Studios ONLY!

Attract more customers, increase sales, and convert more people into long term clients while having all the high-converting social media posts you could need, done for you and delivered every single month.

Dear Oxygen Franchise Owner,

What if you had access to marketing training that could make you a better business owner…

Along with branded Social Media Posts designed specifically for your location…

On top of that, have access to a membership site & forum where you would collaborate with other owners, and where you could…

Share tactics… 

Share sales secrets…

and learn from each other and our marketing team on a daily basis…

Then download highly engaging social media posts designed by our marketing team and branded specifically for your studio and your location each and every month?

How powerful would that be in growing your franchise? 

Based on the franchise owners we’ve already talked to… it would be a HOME RUN!

So here’s what we’re doing for you…

After more than 6 months of working closely with a number Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Studios, we have narrowed in on where your franchise location can use the most help.

That’s why we are launching an Exclusive Marketing Training program for Oxygen Studios. 

2 live coaching calls (we’ll record them), and exclusive membership training designed to help your location succeed. 

you’ll learn how to grow your brand online…

how to increase sales in-house… 

and how to convert more prospects into life-long customers. 

AND because you don’t have time to create amazing social media posts yourself…

We’ll do it for you. 

We have honed in on which types of social media posts you need to be posting, what frequency and to what demographic you need to target on both Facebook and Instagram so that you see serious results.

We will provide you with the images and hashtags that get the most responses from your audience.

We will also provide you with the types of posts you need that do the best organically and have a higher reach.

Think Big Studios will take care of it for you!

You’ll get: 

  • 55 custom Facebook images designed complete with your specific location’s hashtag (for instance #oxygenyourlocation) specifically for Facebook per month.
  • 55 custom Instagram images designed complete with your specific location’s hashtag for Instagram per month.

    Wait a minute! What?!

    Yes, different imagery performs differently on various platforms.

    So what you are posting on Facebook should NOT be identical to what you are posting on Instagram. We’ll create that for you…

    Got it?

  • Plus a whole lot of bonus content and images you can use for your location
  • We will hand you everything you need…
  • You will receive a list of hashtags that you should be using specifically for each platform, specifically for your location. (we’ll also teach you how to use them)
  • Our team will continue to do research on your behalf to find things that are trending online so that you can be ahead of the game and jump on that organic traffic opportunity!
  • You will be invited to join us for two live group coaching calls per month –ONLY FOR OXYGEN PEEPS– where we will school you on things like how to rock out your newsletters, what type of print stuff you can be doing to promote your locations, how to sell more in your studio, how to be more productive, and so much more. (PRICELESS:)
  • You will gain access to a private Facebook Group for Oxygen Yoga Studios owners (and staff if you would like) where we will keep in touch, post tips, tricks and be able to engage with you all of the time! (You will get to engage with other owners as well which is really powerful)


You’re probably saying…

“I don’t have time to manage my social media!”

That’s cool, we can help you with that too!

If you want, our team can handle everything from posting to your social media accounts, to engaging with your audience and running ads for specific monthly promotions…

You’d be crazy to miss out on this Right?!… 

We’ve provided 3 pacakges below that you can take advantage of to grow your following (they’re at a huge discount from what we charge our other clients). 

**** don’t tell our other clients **** 🙂

We’ve designed them to help you reach more customers, with higher engagement and to get those customers through the door on a regular basis.

(Busier Studio = More Money)

We want to see your location Make More Money!

Is Think Big Right For Your Business?

Find Out in Less Than 5 Minutes!

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